Friday, 21 June 2013

21st June: Wildflower Meadow

This afternoon I took a look around the Canada Farm area of Shapwick Heath NNR. The meadows here are mown for hay late in the summer, allowing wildflowers to set seed. Harvesting the hay removes nutrients from the soil, creating high plant diversity as no one species can become dominant. The meadows are a delight to see at this time of year, awash with colour, and absolutely crawling with insect life. If only all farmland could be like this.....

Beautiful meadow

Southern Marsh Orchid

Bog Cotton
Ragged Robin
Yellow Flag Iris

A quick visit to Ham Wall RSPB produced the obligatory fly-over Bittern, along with 3 Garganey, 1 Green Sandpiper and 1 Common Tern


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