Thursday, 6 June 2013

6th June: Little Bitterns at Ham Wall RSPB

This morning, on Twitter, the RSPB announced the news that a pair of Little Bitterns are again breeding at Ham Wall.

In order to prevent disturbance to the birds, the trail around Walton Heath has been closed off, please respect this. In any case, the best way to see the birds is to view over the reedbed to the South of the main path, just before the 1st viewing platform. The birds spend most time down in the reeds so the only way you may get to seem them is by seeing a brief flight low over the top of the reeds. Flights are few and far between though, so you will need to wait a long time to stand a chance.
As an indication of how difficult they are to see, I haven't seen them yet, and i'm on the reserve pretty much every day, though admittedly I don't usually have the time to wait for hours.
In previous years the birds have been most visible later in the season when they are feeding well grown young, so if you really want to see them, I would advise holding off a few weeks until they are more active.

Now that the new is in the public domain, i'll try and provide updates on here on how viewable the birds are, and the best tactics for seeing them if a pattern develops.

If you do go to try to see them, best of luck!

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