Thursday, 29 May 2014

Late May

A combination of work and weather have reduced my birding effort on the Avalon Marshes somewhat in the last fortnight. A visit earlier this week was unfortunately 1 day too late for the Black-winged Stilt on Meare Heath, though having found 2 at Ham Wall last year I wasn't too disappointed.  The usual suspects more than made up for that 'dip' though. The vegetation is shooting up at quite a rate now and most birds are best seen in flight, this Great White Egret being one of the few species tall enough to be visible while on the deck.

This very co-operative Kestrel has obviously used this post before.....

And it was a pleasure to see this Spotted Flycatcher back in my garden this week, with another pair nesting in the Wisteria on the pub walls.

This weekend I move down to Weymouth to spend 2 months working for the RSPB wardening the Little Tern colony at Chesil Beach, this will be my 3rd season with Little Terns and I can't wait to get back to these awesome little critters.  I'll mostly be working night shifts so hopefully will be able to get back up to Somerset for diurnal birding, look out for a yawning bloke with bags under his eyes and white splashes on his shoulders!

Little Terns at Blakeney Point 2012

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