Monday, 4 August 2014

Autumn begins!

One of the highlights of this breeding season on the Avalon Marshes was a pair of Common Tern that nested at Ham Wall RSPB. 2 young fledged from the nest (remarkable given the odd place they nested), and these were flying around the back of Noah's with one adult. The other adult gave a nice low overhead flight at the second viewing platform Ham Wall.

Also at Ham Wall were 2 Hobby and 1 Peregrine (my first there since the Spring), 2 Green and 1 Wood Sandpipers, though these went down at the un-viewable North edge of the reserve, hopefully somewhere where the new hide (starting development soon i'm told) will overlook.

Over at Canada Lake, a Great Crested Grebe family were showing off nicely in front of the hide. The chick seemed to be having a great time practising new found diving skills, but the only fish it was getting were being bought over by the parents.

And the surest of signs of the arrival of Autumn, the first reed cutting operation of the season at Ham Wall, this will provide nice feeding habitat for ducks in front of the first viewing platform, and open the views up nicely too!

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  1. you have reed cutting on your reserves? whatever next?


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