Monday, 17 June 2013

17th June

The weekend was fairly quiet on the Avalon Marshes, which is to be expected at this time of year really. Migration is at its lowest flow of the year, so it's a matter of enjoying the antics of our resident breeding birds rather than looking out for new arrivals. Bitterns and Marsh Harriers are very active and easy to see right now, with regular flights between feeding areas and nests, keeping hungry mouths fed.
Despite this, theres often something surprising seen each day. On arrival at Ham Wall RSPB today, a pair of Common Terns were loafing around on the rafts in front of the Walton Heath screens. At this time of year, it is likely that these birds have failed a nesting attempt and moved on from wherever they were previously. Fingers crossed that they'll find our Tern nesting raft and have a go here. They eventually started some courtship behaviour, which is promising.

Courtship feeding

Looking very proud of their raft, could do with a clean though!

Giving a young Black-headed Gull some grief. The gull has already lost its
lower mandible somehow
While watching the terns, I was astonished to see an Otter pop its head up right in front of me .I had time to fire of one shot before it ducked back under the water and disappeared.

Still a few Hobbies around

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