Friday, 7 June 2013

7th June

I was down at Ham Wall RSPB volunteering on the Little Bittern watch before dawn today. Didn't see any sign of the birds, unsurprisingly really given their secretive nature, but there was plenty else to see. it's amazing just how much activity there is so early in the morning.

(regular) Bitterns were everywhere, long before the sun was up, a croaking sound high in the sky was eventually traced to 6 birds together circling over the reserve, an amazing sight.

3 of the 6 dropping back down (ISO 12800, 1/20th!)
A few flights later in the morning were in slightly better light.

This Hobby was bombing around at 0440, presumably after moths and bats

Up to 4 Kingfishers in front of the viewing spot kept me entertained for the morning

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